Beginners guide to Disney Pin Trading

Starting any new hobby is often a daunting task, and Disney Pin Trading is no exception. This guide will hopefully provide some information to help you begin this exciting new hobby!

Types of Pins

Disney Pins are usually broken into 2 major categories: Open Edition and Limited Edition.

Open Edition pins are the most common type and found all throughout the parks and even in Disney Stores and Online. They don’t have a stated edition run and are usually sold until they are no longer made.

Limited Edition Pins are usually only sold at the parks and at special pin trading events. They will say Limited Edition on the card, and state their edition size on the back of the pin. They are considered more rare and valuable then Open Edition pins.

Trading at the Parks

This is the most exciting part of Pin Trading! Pins can be traded throughout the parks with cast members and pin boards.

Many cast members working throughout the parks will often have a lanyard or carry a small pin board. When the cast member is available, simply ask to see their pins. If a pin catches your eye, ask them for a trade. Cast members will generally accept any trade, but will sometimes place a limit on how many times they will trade with any one person.

Pin boards are often found in most shops either on the counter, or on a desk behind the counter. Simply ask a cast member to see their pins and make any trades for any pins that you desire.

What pins should you collect

Anything you want! There are absolutely no rules as to what pins you should collect. Some people enjoy collecting pins of their favorite characters or attractions, while others seek out completing sets or rare pins.

Good luck with your pin trading and happy hunting!!

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