A Million Little Things : Season 1 Part 1 Recap

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One of my favorite shows of the past fall TV season was ABC’s A Million Little Things. It managed to be an examination of the effects of suicide, while also providing humor and relatable characters. The show comes back from its winter break on January 17, 2019, but before it comes back, here is a recap about what happens in the first half of A Million Little Things.

Episode 1. Pilot (9/26/18

The pilot sets up the story of these characters and the world that they inhibit in. The show starts off dark with the suicide of Jonathan Dixon. He is a successful businessman with two kids, Sophie and Danny, not to mention his wife Delilah. We then see the how three of his best friends find out about the news. Gary is checking to see if his breast cancer has come back. Eddie is having an affair with someone and dislikes his marriage with his workaholic wife Katherine. Rome also tries to kill himself with pills but spits them out when he finds out that Jon has killed himself. On Jon’s funeral, Gary brings a girl from his breast cancer support group, Maggie; while Eddie delivers a heartfelt eulogy about how Jon’s death doesn’t make sense. At the wake, Maggie gets along well with everyone, especially with Rome’s wife Regina and Delilah. Then, the friends get a reminder about a Boston Bruins game happening that day. It’s the friends favorite team and Gary, Rome, and Eddie go to the game in honor of Jon. It’s at this game that Rome reveals that he has been struggling with depression and tried to kill himself when he got the call that Jon died. Back at the house, the girls find out that Jon’s final deal was a lease so that Regina can open a restaurant. In a twist at the end of the episode, we find out that the woman who Eddie is having an affair with is none other than Delilah Dixon.

2. Band of Dads (10/3/18)

Gary, Rome, and Eddie become a band of dads as they help Sophie prepare for a father-daughter dance. Gary finds out that Danny has a crush on a boy from his class and he wonders if that is why his dad killed himself. Rome begs Maggie to be his therapist, but she refuses because they are friends. Maggie finds out that her cancer is back and starts to refuse treatment, and in a shocking twist, it’s revealed that Jon knew that Eddie and Delilah were having an affair.

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3. Save the Date (10/10/18)

It’s Gary’s birthday, and Jon planned a Bruins fantasy camp for the guys to attend. But on the way there, it’s revealed that Eddie and Delilah are having an affair. Soon everyone finds out and are shocked, while Eddie and Delilah deal with the backlash. It ends with Gary confronting Delilah at her house and blowing out the candles of the cake that Jon planned to deliver at his house; as he wishes for the thing he has wished since he was seven: happiness.

4. Friday Night Dinner (10/17/18)

The audience flashes back to when Jon was alive and reveals a tradition where the friend group came over to his house and handmade pizza every Friday night. Cut back to the present where everyone is still recovering from the news of the affair. Gary and Rome try to get Delilah and Regina together to move forward in the restaurant. Eddie heads to the bar to try and recover from what’s going on. It’s revealed that Eddie had a drinking habit that was ended thanks to Jon. Sophie gets into a fight with her mom over her trying to forget Jon and heads to Eddie’s house to practice guitar, oblivious about the affair. After therapy, Rome discovers that he hates his job and quits to fulfill his passion of making movies. Delilah hold another pizza night where Garry forgives Eddie. Rome announces he quit his job and Sophie returns home with Eddie and Katherine. Before everyone eats, they give a toast to Jon.

5. The Game of Your Life (10/24/18)

It’s game night at Rome and Regina’s house! But it’s interrupted due to the news surrounding Delilah’s pregnancy. Regina works on operating her restaurant, but her mom arrives and starts to stick her nose into their business. Regina eventually finds Rome’s suicide note and Rome tells her that even though he has a happy life, he still feels sad. Eddie gets a job singing, but has to watch Theo due to Katherine’s job. He stays with Gary and Maggie, where Maggie and Theo feed ducks. Meanwhile Gary drives with Delilah to try to get an abortion, but she backs out last minute. When Theo gets a bad case of night terrors, Gary and Maggie take him to Eddie’s concert where he encourages his dad to sing, especially since he has never played sober before. Delilah is also there and she drops the cliffhanger of the episode, the baby is Eddie’s, not Jon’s like she had told everyone.

6. Unexpected (10/31/18)

Gary finds out that Maggie has cancer and tries to convince her to get chemo. They play a game of basketball, where Maggie wins, thus allowing her to not have to receive chemo. Sophie punches a girl who says that her dad is in hell for killing himself so Delilah helps her out at home through a punching dummy. Rome goes to his first therapy season and gets antidepressants. Meanwhile, Theo is starring in the school play and Eddie tries to get Katherine to be able to see it. Katherine makes it to the play, but tells Eddie she wants a divorce so he ends up staying with Gary. The episode ends with Rome finding a used pregnancy test in the trash. He thinks its Delilah’s, until she reveals that it is actually Delilah.


7. I Dare You (11/7/18)

Rome wakes up with intense stomach pains. Regina takes him to the hospital where it’s revealed he is just passing a kidney stone. Regina also finds out that he is taking antidepressants and is just mad that everyone knew about Rome’s depression. To make it up to her, Rome recreates their first date. Delilah and Eddie go to see the ultrasound of the baby and Delilah apologies to Eddie for having to keep the baby a secret. Maggie and Gary dare each other to do crazy stuff such as singing “I’m Still Standing” at a restaurant and tagging a sign to say “Maggie was here”. But when Gary dares her to get chemo, Maggie gets really upset and storms off. In order to cheer him up, Gary takes Danny and the boy he has a crush on to the arcade to have some fun. It’s also revealed that Katherine has an interest in a guy at work named Hunter and Gary sees them eat at a restaurant together.

8. Fight or Flight (11/28/18)

The gang of friends notice that Maggie has become distant ever since the break-up. As they check up on her she eventually tells them that her cancer is back and that she is slowly dying. They respect her decision and invite her to the taste test of the new restaurant. Gary tries to get information from Maggie’s ex Tom, but he shares the same confusion as Gary. At the taste test Gary gets mad at everyone for just accepting that Maggie is going to die after Jon. After he storms out of the taste test, Ashley (Jon’s secretary) meets up with him and they proceed to have sex at her place. When Rome drives Maggie home, she tells him that her brother drank a lot and died in a car crash while driving drunk. She was at the movies with some friends and feels responsible for not being there to stop him from getting into the car. The episode then ends with Kathrine finding out about Delilah’s baby.

9. Perspective (12/5/18)

Gary wakes up at Ashley’s place and realizes that it has been one year since he had beaten cancer. Delilah drives Ashley to a college speaking event where she oceans up to more people about her brother’s death. After the event, Delilah confides with Maggie about how distant Jon and she was during the last couple of years in their marriage. Eddie thinks about going on tour with the band again. Ashley leads Gary to surprise party celebrating him beating cancer. But during the party he breaks down and breaks the painting Jon gave him when he was still fighting cancer. The next morning Maggie texts Gary that she is getting treatment, which she sadly ignores.

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10. Christmas Wishlist (12/12/18)

It’s Christmas time! The group bands together to help celebrate the holidays especially after Jon’s passing. As they go and get the tree Delilah falls on some ice and Eddie takes her to the hospital just in case something bad happened. Everything is ok, but Sophie finds out and Delilah eventually tells Danny. Gary and Maggie bond over making fun of rude Christmas customers as she finally finds out that Gary slept with Ashley. He tells her that he loves her. In response, she throws up and Gary finds marks on her arm signaling that she is doing chemo. They kiss and make up. During the Christmas celebration, a man knocks on the door and tells Delilah that she is getting evicted from her house, despite Ashley trying her best to not let that happen. The next day she goes to Katherine’s house to try and get help, while the biggest twist of the show so far is revealed: Ashley was having an affair with Jon

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