Fuel Rod: Review

Want to be able to keep your phone charged all day at the Disney parks? You might be interested in checking out the Fuel Rod kiosks.

The Fuel Rod is a portable charger that is sold at kiosks throughout Disneyland and Walt Disney World. They are also available outside the parks at various locations such as airports. It costs $30 for a Fuel Rod at a Disney Park. While $30 might sound like a lot for just a small portable charger, the value is that you can swap it for a new, fully charged rod any time, as often as you want!

There is a misconception that the charger is one-time use only, or that you have to return it when you leave the parks, but it isn’t so. You get to keep the charger and take it with you! You can recharge the rod yourself, or you can simply swap it for a new one any time you like. Just buying it once grants you access to an unlimited amount of fresh chargers whenever you need one.

The Fuel Rod includes a 2600 mAh charger, and several short cables to connect to various devices. At the time I purchased mine, it came with a micro USB cable with a USB C adapter, and a lighting cable for Iphones.

The charger itself isn’t doesn’t hold that much of a charge. It only charges my phone about 3/4 of the way. I usually have to swap it 3 times or so to make sure my phone lasts all day. The benefit is of course it’s small size. I used to take a much more powerful charger that would keep my phone charged all day, but it was huge and I hated the extra bulk. I much rather have a smaller charger and just swap it out for a fresh one when I need it.

Swapping chargers is pretty easy. Just press the swap button on the machine, line up the bar code on your fuel rod with the picture on the kiosk, and place the charger in the opening. You don’t swap out the accessories, those you keep, so don’t lose them!

There are several Kiosks throughout the parks, but they might be hard to find sometimes. They are usually in a store and are often decorated to match the decor and they kind of blend in.

Of course, you can always buy and bring your own charger, which is what I did for years. But I really do prefer the small size of the Fuel Rod and not having to remember to charge mine the night before. Also, there really isn’t that many Fuel Rod really outside of the parks and a couple airports. Therefore I would only recommend the Fuel Rod to those visiting the parks on a regular basis, or if your phone is dying and really need to give it a charge.

One final note, you can actually order the Fuel Rod cheaper online for $25 ($20 plus $5 shipping). Or you can find them outside of the parks for $25.

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