Worst Disney Villains

Disney’s animated films have such a rich history filled with memorable villains. Heck, they even have their own brand. But no studio is perfect. I’d like to talk about some of the worst of the worst. I don’t mean worst in a good way but in a super annoying way. One thing in common with these characters is that their movies have not been remembered fondly.  I guess you could say that it’s hard to make a good movie without a good villain.

Alameda Slim- Home on The Range.

Let’s get this out of the way. Alameda Smith is a cow rustler that yodels to hypnotize cows before stealing them. Yes, a yodeling cowboy. His motivation in the film is to get revenge on all the ranchers that fired him for his singing.

Michael “Goob” Yagoobian- Meet the Robinsons

Ah, this guy. My least favorite villain on this list. Michael, also known as the “Bowler Hat Guy” was actually being manipulated by his hat named Dor-15 (pronounced Doris, get it?). This character’s personality and appearance were so annoying that I have a hard time getting through the film to this day.

Governor Ratcliffe – Pochahontes

Governor Ratcliffe is the only Disney Villain to be based on a real person. He features one of the more annoying character designs I’ve ever seen. No one should ever wear so much purple. He didn’t have any entertaining qualities and just seems generic in his greed. His scenes were the most painful to watch in the film. He did have a really cute pug, though.

Madame Medusa- The Recuers

Another villain that features a rather unattractive character design. The diamond obsessed Madame Medusa wears too much make-up and is too crazy for her own good. She comes across as a poor man’s Cruella Deville or Ursula. Oh, she also threatens to drown children.

Bill Sykes -Oliver and Company

Bill is just a generic loan shark mobster who seems to have nothing better to do than obsess over the debt owed to him by one poor homeless guy. Doesn’t he have any goons to deal with these cases? He doesn’t even notice when his loyal dobermans are killed. The original character from Oliver Twist (on which Oliver and company is based) is much more interesting.

Edgar Balthazar-The Aristocats

And now we get to the wimpiest Disney Villain ever. The cowardly, greedy, clumsy butler from The Aristocrats.  He couldn’t even bring himself to off a couple of kittens to get what he wanted. At least Cruela D’vil knew she had to get her hands dirty. Edgar is pathetic and you almost end up feeling sorry for the guy.

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