Intro to Disney California Adventure


Hello this is Jared with a brand new segment for Disney Out Loud. I want to make a guide for each of the Disney Parks for you guys to enjoy. The plan is for every week to release a guide to a certain land of each Disney park. For example, I’m going to start with a guide for Disney California Adventure, also known as DCA. So every week I’ll talk about a different land; the attractions, entertainment, restaurants, and shopping included in each.

But first some backstory for DCA. The park first opened as Disney’s California Adventure on February 8, 2001. It was considered a big deal at the time, with Disney employees saying that they might have turn people away during the summertime because the park will be too crowded. But atlas, the situation was the opposite. The older brother Disneyland still had a higher attendance, while DCA suffered from terrible reviews, many calling it one of Disney’s worst parks. In 2007, Disney launched plans to change everything with a $1.1 billion multi-year re do to change the park into something better. In 2012, the changes were done and greatly improved the park thanks to such changes such as Cars Land and World Of Color and many more. DCA is no longer considered the worst of the bunch and is something that audiences will keep coming back to for more. Check back next Friday, and every one after that, as we explore the lands of DCA, starting with Buena Vista Street.


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