Mary Poppins Returns Review


In honor of the movie coming out on DVD and Blu-Ray this week, I’m going to review Mary Poppins Returns!

“Nothing is impossible, even the impossible.” That’s the saying that referenced throughout the magical Mary Poppins Returns. The children from the first movie have all grown up and Michael even has children of his own. But after Michael’s wife died, Michael has given up all hope. Even worse their house is going to go for sale if Michael doesn’t find an important document. Mary Poppins returns to help bring magic and wonder back into the Banks household.

Returning 54 years after the original movie, Mary Poppins Returns with some of the same magic and heart as the first one. Emily Blunt is an amazing Mary Poppins and carries the movie with heart and some funny one-liners. Lin-Manuel Miranda as Mary’s lamplighters friend Jack is also good along with rest of the cast. The musical numbers are big and grand and help make the movie memorable.


But the movie does fall under some pacing issues, especially in the second act. It stops and almost forgets the importance of the family being moved out of the house in order for Mary Poppins to have some grand musical adventures with the kids. But other than that, Mary Poppins Returns bring back some of the classic Disney magic back on the big screen for a movie that will for sure interest everyone in your family. I give it an A-.

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