DCA Guide: Buena Vista Street


Buena Vista Street is the only land that every guest to DCA has to visit because it’s the only way to enter and exit the park. It opened on June 15, 2012 as part of the billion dollar refurbishment Disney started in 2007. The land is themed to early 1920s Los Angeles, when young Walt Disney came to pursue his dreams. Many of the shops and restaurants are named after people and things that affected Walt Disney. There is a special statue called Storytellers, which commemorates Walt Disney and his visions.



Red Car Trolly: This transportation attraction allows guests to travel in a red car trolly, just like the ones that might have passed Walt as he was walking down Los Angeles in the 1920s. There are multiple stops along the route you can hop on. There are four stops in total: by Mortimers Market, by the DCA Information Board, by Disney Animation in Hollywood Land, and the final stop is in front of Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout, also in Hollywood Land. If it’s not your first time at the park, or you just want to get off your feet and see all the families race towards Cars Land, then hop on and enjoy the nostalgia feeling of the Red Car Trolly. Note that the trolleys stop for performances of the Red Car Trolly News Boys.



Five & Dime: This spunky jazz group travels down to Buena Vista Street and performs some tunes for everyone. While I’ve never actually stopped and watched them, the music they have performed as I’ve walked by is toe-tapping and really helped to immerse you in the atmosphere of the 1920s.


Red Car Trolly News Boys: Coming to Buena Vista Street on the titular Red Car Trolley, the Red Car Trolly News Boys come with a song in their hearts inspired to follow their dreams just like Walt Disney. The music and the News Boys are good and perform their songs well. It’s a fun time on Buena Vista Street. Oh and some special guests might make appearances during the show!



Mortimers Market: One of the first things you see as you enter Buena Vista Street, this open-air market is your go-to place for fresh fruits and beverages.


Clarabelle’s Hand-Scooped Ice Cream: In the mood for something sweet as your getting ready to watch Five & Dime? Then head to Clarabelle’s Hand-Scooped Ice Cream! This is the place for ice cream, sundaes, and ice cream bars. You can also use Mobile Ordering at this eatery through the Disneyland app, which we highly recommend you download before your trip.


Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Cafe: In need of some Starbucks in order to start off your day? This is the place to get them. Located next to Clarabelle’s, this is the only place in DCA that sells Starbucks. You can also get Artisan sandwiches, wraps, and salads.


Trolly Treats: If ice cream with Clarabelle isn’t where your sweet tooth lies, then check out Trolly Treats. This is the place to buy candy and sweets of all kinds. As you walk past, you can see workers making the famous Candy Apples, and the candy mountain with a trolly going through it. It’s one of my favorite places to eat when I’m in need of a snack.


Carthay Circle Restaurant: The big white building that you see at the end of Buena Vista Street hosts a restaurant that’s a little on the expensive side, but from what I’ve heard totally worth it. You get the chance to eat some Southern California modern cuisine and drink some wine and cocktails. (Yes, you can drink alcohol in DCA, if you are of age, of course) You also have the chance to participate in the World of Color dining package, which allows you to eat here and receive tickets to the nightly World Of Color show at Paradise Gardens Park.


Carthay Circle Lounge: If you want to experience the wonder of the Carthay Circle without taking time to eat at the restaurant, then you can head to the lounge, where you can drink specialty cocktails on the Terrace overlooking Buena Vista Street and Soarin’ Around The World. You can also try some appetizers such as The Fire Cracker Duck Wings. This experience is only for guests 21 and older.



Elias & Co.: A journey into the world of yesterday as you travel into this shop that pays tribute to the shops that Walt Disney might have encountered in the 1920s. The store is named after Walt Disney’s father. This is also known as the largest shop in DCA, so you will have plenty of options to choose from.


Julius Katz & Sons: Named after the first animated series that Walt Disney ever created. It’s also the place for home decor and other merchandise.


Kingswell Camera Shop: The place to get Photopass, and other photo merchandise such as frames and camera accessories.


Oswald’s: Named after the animated character the Walt Disney created before Mickey, this little shop is right by the enterience of the park. It’s themed like a gas station, so if you need a pit stop to grab some Mickey Ears before you start your adventure, head to Oswald’s! There’s also a cool car by the store that you can take a picture by!


Atwater Ink & Paint: The place to get special Disney cups and mugs. This is also one of the best places to go for pins in DCA.


Big Top Toys: The place to collect plushies of all of your favorite characters.


Los Feliz Five & Dime: Named after the group that performs on Buena Vista Street, come here for DCA hats, and t-shirts.


Thanks for exploring Buena Vista Street with me! Check back next Friday as we discover everything about Grizzly Peak.


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