Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker- Teaser Trailer Breakdown

The first teaser trailer for the latest Star Wars film has been out for a few days now and has given the fans some time to pore over every frame. Let’s break down some of the scenes from the teaser and try to get a better idea of what it could all mean.

Which Dessert Planet is This?

The trailer opens with Rey breathing heavy in the middle of a dessert. Star Wars has often made their planets a single biome type and have featured several dessert planets such as Tatooine and Jakku. It’s unknown if this planet is either of those or a whole new one.

Rey is soon joined by someone driving a suped-up tie-fighter. It’s not shown if Kylo is piloting the fighter, but it does look similar to the tie silencer he piloted in The Last Jedi. The tie speeds right for Rey, but out heroine does an awesome backward leap over it.

The next scene shows a mountainous planet with a multi-layered city. A starship speeds towards the city. The starship looks very similiar to the ship leaving Rey on Jakku in her “forceback” during The Force Awakens. The location seems to one previously unknown in Star Wars films. Could this be possibly related to Rey’s parents?

Kylo Ren

The next few shots focus on Kylo Ren. First we see him fighting an unknown enemy alongside First Order Stormtroopers. The setting looks like a forest. The enemies dont look to be dressed like typical resistance fighters, so maybe they are locals.

We then see Kylo’s broken helmet being repaired with some red fissures. This can be seen as symbolic of Kylo’s psyche. Snoke left him questioning his maturity and shattered, but now he is confident in who he is.

The Gang

Next up is a shot of Finn and Poe in their new looks for the film. They seem to be in a desert, possibly the same that we first see Rey. Finn looks like he might be holding Rey’s staff from The Force Awakens.

We get our first look at BB-8 and his new buddy, the droid D-0. The new droid looks kinda like a blow dryer on a wheel, but I’m sure I’ll buy plenty of toys of him. The pair seem to be on a ship and surrounded by scrap including torso of a humanoid droid.

Next, the teaser then gives us Lando Calrissian once again howling and piloting the Millenium Falcon. His Co-pilot is known other than Chewbacca. The fact that he’s actually piloting the Falcon at suggests Lando should have at least a bigger role than just a simple cameo.

One of my favorite scenes in the teaser comes next. It features Poe, Finn, and C-3P0 on some sort of sand skiff being chased by the First Order. It even looks to feature Troopers with Jet Packs! The scene gives a Return of the Jedi vibe and features a sense of adventure that the last film lacked.


Next is a shot of a medal that Han and Luke (but not Chewbacca) were given on Yavin at the end of A New Hope. While it’s difficult to tell, my guess is that it’s Leia holding the medal. She might be reminiscing about either Han or Luke. I don’t seeing being important to the film though other than being a call-back for fans.

We then get our first look at Leia. The film will reportedly feature unused footage of Carrie Fisher shot for The Force Awakens. While the performance may not be digital, its not to say it wont been altered to add or remove any details to maker her character fit in the new story. Leia’s role in the film has been one of its biggest question marks since it was originally set to feature Leia in a very prominent role.

And finally, we get to see the gang together! They seem to be looking upon the wreckage of a Death Star. It’s unclear which Death Star, but my best guess would be the 2nd, possibly placing this scene on Endor. Maybe another The Return of the Jedi connection?

The trailer ends with the ominous laugh from the Emperor himself, Palpatine! This has so many implications and was definitely not something I saw coming. Be on the lookout for more theories and thoughts on The Rise of Skywalker as more information becomes available.

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