Must-Have Items to Pack for your Disney Trip

Being well prepared is a great way to keep your magical trip from turning into a major headache. Here we’ve prepared a list of items that should definitely make your Disneyland or Walt Disney World shopping list.

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It might get tiresome to haul a backpack around all day and you’ll have to have the bag checked at security, some type of bag is a necessity to carry everything you’ll need through the day. I personally prefer a drawstring bag as they are a little smaller and I can easily carry them on most rides. This Nike bag has zippered sides and is water resistant. If you are looking for a backpack, I recommend this Outlander water-resistant compact bag.

Reusable water bottle

Save money at the parks and stay hydrated by bringing your own water bottle. Every food and beverage location in the parks provides free ice and water. I really like the Simple Modern bottles since they look nice and the bottles don’t sweat and get condensation. Another alternative would be a collapsible bottle like this one from Nomader which can fold when not in use.

Portable battery charger

A must-have for a trip to the parks. From taking photos to making Max Pass selections, phone batteries are draining quicker than ever. I have have used KMASHI brand chargers in the past and they have always been reliable and hold a lot of charges. This KMASHI 15000mAH charger is a little on the big side, but is pretty cheap and charges my phone several times over. The Anker PowerCore 10000 is smaller and a little more expensive but is the current best seller on Amazon.

Cooling towel

Of course, this is only needing when visiting during the warmer months of the year, but these towels really work wonders. You simply wet the towels, wring them out, then keep them around your neck. The evaporation effect is amazing and really drops the temperature around you a few degrees. There are several brands of cooling towels out there, but I’ve always liked the original Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad.

Pocket blanket

The pocket blanket is an item that I just recently discovered but wonder how I did without them for so long. They are really small and easy to pack in your bag but are super useful for sitting down on during parades, firework shows, and so on. They are also waterproof and double as a poncho in a pinch! There are several brands available, but I like the Bearz Outdoor Compact Blanket.

Travel power strip

Hotels never seem to have enough power outlets to charge everyone’s phone, smartwatch, portable charger, camera battery, tablet, and so on. Or they are never in a convenient place. I’ve found that bringing a portable travel power strip to really come in handy when staying the night at the parks. I really like this NTONPOWER 3-Port USB power strip since it’s easy to pack and give me a lot of extra plugs in one place.

Stroller Clips

If you’re going to be pushing a stroller around on your trip to the Disney Parks, you will find these clips really useful. They provide a way to attach bags and items to the stroller, especially when the storage is full of everyone’s items. You can pick up a 2 pack here and see how handy they can be.

Comfort items.

These are items that can make the trip a lot more comfortable when your out walking all day. Body Glide is super helpful for those of us whose legs chaff when walking a lot. Foot Glide and Dr. Scholl’s Moleskin Plus are a must for anyone who gets blisters on their feet from their shoes or sandals. These items can really save a trip from becoming an uncomfortable disaster.

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