Disneyland Trip Journal 05/20 & 05/21

Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty's Castle's new paint job

Howdy! Just back from another magical trip for a few days at the Disneyland resort and it just never gets old! Just here to share a few pictures and share some thoughts.

Disneyland Fire Dept Truck No. 1 is on the scene early in the morning!

Here’s the view from Main Street of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle with her new paint job.

I really like the updated look of the castle. The colors really pop, especially the purple. There were still walls blocking the view from the front but you could get some good looks from the side. I’ll have some more pictures of the castle latter on.

Stroller parking at the Rivers of America. I still saw some behemoth sized strollers being pushed around the park which made me wonder if the new sizing restrictions are being enforced yet, or if we are still in some type of grace period.

Saw lots of baby animals around Disneyland, including this cute family. I just hope they watch out for strollers!

The refurbishment of Pizza Planet continues. Seems to be a pretty large scale project going on back there.

I was surprised to see that Hyperspace Mountain was back! I’m wondering if it has anything to do with a new Star Wars themed land opening in just a couple more days!

Not sure what this contraption is that hangs above Space Mountain’s loading area, but I have always thought it looks pretty cool.

The Matterhorn is looking very majestic. One of my favorite spots in the park to take a picture.

A look at the Disneyland model inside Great Moments with Abraham Lincoln. I was surprised to see that Mr. Lincoln was actually replaced with a sneak peek of the new Aladdin live action movie. The more I see of Aladdin, the better it looks.

Hopped on over to Disney California Adventure.

I really love the parks at night! There’s just something about it that comes alive. The light up balloon and toys are all out and just feels magical.

Getting ready for World of Color. I’m super happy that it came back. The show looks to have some updated special effects.

Is it just me or is King Triton just asking to be struck by lightning?

The weather was pretty overcast the following day, but it didn’t put a damper on our mood!

Here are a couple more shots of the new paint scheme of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Even with the cloud cover, the colors really do pop.

I have never seen the animation that Mr. Toad is based on, but I really need to. The story on the dark ride is just bonkers. I hope it will be streaming on Disney Plus.

Ran into Disney Out Loud writer, and my nephew, Jared, enjoying his Grad night at Disneyland. Congrats Jared!

Caught this wonderful moment where Cruella De’Ville notices this service dog and tries to talk the owner into giving it up!

I give the trip enthusiastic thumbs up!

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