DCA Guide: Buena Vista Street


Buena Vista Street is the only land that every guest to DCA has to visit because it’s the only way to enter and exit the park. It opened on June 15, 2012 as part of the billion dollar refurbishment Disney started in 2007. The land is themed to early 1920s Los Angeles, when young Walt Disney came to pursue his dreams. Many of the shops and restaurants are named after people and things that affected Walt Disney. There is a special statue called Storytellers, which commemorates Walt Disney and his visions.

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Intro to Disney California Adventure


Hello this is Jared with a brand new segment for Disney Out Loud. I want to make a guide for each of the Disney Parks for you guys to enjoy. The plan is for every week to release a guide to a certain land of each Disney park. For example, I’m going to start with a guide for Disney California Adventure, also known as DCA. So every week I’ll talk about a different land; the attractions, entertainment, restaurants, and shopping included in each.

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